Accumulate Points

Thank you for visiting the Prize Points web site. Your Prize Points card is accepted at all participating businesses. Select "Participating Store Directory" for a list of participating businesses. Remember to use your card each time you shop and you will be astonished how rapidly you accumulate points.

You can check your total point accumulation at any time by selecting “Check Your Points."

Redeem Your Points

Select "Point Redemption Catalog" to see all the items you are able to trade your points for. Review the catalog when you first get your card to identify the items that interest you. Remember that you can order as often as you like. So, set priorities and goals. The items you trade your points for are a gift to you from the participating businesses that you shop at. We hope that you will take the time to thank them.

If you have not already registered your card, please do so now by selecting "Register Your Card."

It is important for you to know how to use your card and your rights and responsibilities as a cardholder. All the information you need is available by selecting “Card Use Information.”