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Bonus Point Opportunities:

Triple Point Game
Fun Phrase Contest

Always present your Reams Food Stores rewards card FIRST, as you begin to check out. Doing so will make sure your points are properly recorded.

Available this week at the following locations:

SLC area Ream's Stores at:
  • 2783 S. State St.
  • 2600 W. 4700 S.
  • 3665 W. 6200 S.
  • 7235 W. 3500 S.
  • 8725 Highland Dr.
  • 2640 W. 9000 S.
  • 7000 S. 2396 E.
Glazier Market - Kanab, Utah
Panaca Market - Panaca, NV
Upper Country Market - Altamont, UT
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Triple Points ?
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Fun Phrase Contest
Find a phrase on the video at Glazier's Market in Kanab, Utah You will recognize the phrase in each store because it will be the phrase over the grass, as illustrated below.  Be the first to email the phrase back to Prize Points and you will receive 500 bonus points.
500 bonus points
Be the first to:
Phrase over the grass