Brass Wind

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    Sturdy, lightweight case
    Sturdy brass construction
    Cork grease, reed, aglet, strap, gloves, and mouth piece
    Individual compartments for neck and mouth piece
    Straps and zipper for added security while traveling

    Color: Gold
    Overall case dimensions: 6"(L) x 10"(W) x 25"(H)
    Overall weight: 9 lbs

    Package Includes: 
    1x Eb Alto Sax Saxophone with Accessories Set

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  • Trumpet 3 Valve (163108674843)

    Bell Diameter: 4 ½ inches
    Lenght: 21 inches
    Case included: YES
    Mouthpiece Included: YES
    Plays in key of: Bb
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  • 16 Key Flute (192887664884)

    16Holes C Key Flute Cupronickel Plated Silver w/ Case Cleaning Cloth Gloves

    Silver plated C key flute with 16 holes.
    Made from cupronickel, with high durability and wonderful tone.
    High-quality leather pad and needle spring for better performance.
    Exquisite and stylish design, very attractive.
    Including gloves, cleaning cloth, cleaning stick, screwdriver.
    Comes with a padded case for easy storage and convenient transport.

    Main Material: Cupronickel
    Color: Golden
    Package Size: Approx.41.5 * 14 * 8cm / 16.3 * 5.5 * 3.1in
    Package Weight: Approx.1153g / 2.5Lb

    Package List:
    1 * Flute
    1 * Blue Cleaning Cloth
    1 * Orange Cleaning Cloth
    1 * Cleaning Stick
    1 * Screwdriver
    1 * Gloves
    1 * Case

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