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  • Emergency Solar Crank Radio LED Flashlight Charger (Red) (353068979985)

    Product Description

    • Very compact, light, and easy to carry yet loaded with many important functions which are a must have for any survival kit.
    • This must have emergency toolkit radio comes with a AM/FM/WB(7 Channel NOAA) weather band radio, a powerful 3 LED flashlight, cell phone charger with cables and jack accessories, Dynamo hand crank, Solar Power, and USB power/charging of radio.
    • Multiple ways to power/charge the radio: hand crank to wind up internal alternator, expose to sunlight to charge by solar panel, DC recharge by connecting the mini USB cable to computer. This is a self power emergency radio that you and your family can depend on, anytime anywhere, any weather.
    • This radio is an improvement from other crank chargers, you can fully charge this radio though the USB/AC/DC, solar panel, or hand crank and then when you need it, you can use the radio to recharge Cell Phones, iPhones, iPads, IPods, MP3s/MP4s, USB devices with no cranking. Other crank chargers require continuous hand cranking to charge a device but not this radio. Cables, Apple Jack, Std USB Jack, micro USB, and Mini USB Jack are included! Also has built-in charging and discharging protection.
    • This High quality and rubberized housing radio has waterproof housing so it is ideal for hiking, camping, stored in a car trunk, or any emergency kit.

    AM Radio: 520 ~ 1710 KHz
    FM Radio: 87 ~ 108 Mhz
    NOAA/Weather Band: 162.400 ~ 162.550 Mhz
    Working voltage: 2.7V ~ 4.2V
    Power source: 2/3AAA300mAh/3.6V Ni-Mh

    3-Brilliant White LED Flashlight: illumination 5000lux @120mm, LED lifespan: 100,000 hours
    Telescopic Antenna
    Built In Speaker
    Cell Phone Charging Jack (USB cable, DC cable, Apple jack, micro USB, mini USB, and standard USB adaptors are included)
    Dimension: 128 x 60 x 45 mm or 5 x 2.5 x 2 inches
    Weight:9 oz

    • Multi-band tuner with AM, FM, WB
    • 3-LED super bright pushbutton flashlight
    • USB cell phone/smart phones/iPod/MP3 charger
    • Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (Customer Replaceable)
    • Large solar panel in top of radio
    • High-quality dynamic speaker
    • 3-way powered (no Batteries required):
    1) Dynamo Crank charging
    2) Solar power
    3) Computer using USB cord (included)

    • Large built-in solar panel powers the radio by sun or indoor light!
    • The small handheld multifunction radio is perfect for emergency use indoor or outdoor.
    • The radio is designed to charge many small electronic items. Comes with a DC cable, Apple jack, standard USB jack, mini USB jack, micro USB jack, and a standard USB to mini USB cable. The DC cable can connect to one of the jacks which can charge gadgets like your Mobile/Cell phones/Smart phones, Mp3, Mp4, iPod and more.

    NEW UPDATED MODEL with more smartphone charging support; iPhone, iPad, HTC, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid, Nokia Lumia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, LG, and Amazon Kindle!

    • 1x Flashlight radio
    • 1x STD USB to mini USB cord
    • 1x DC cord
    • 1x User manual

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