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  • 4USBs+PD Vehicle Fast Chargers With Digital Displays (VFCWDD)
    Car Charger With Multiple Digital Displays, Fast Charging Chargers, 4USBs+PD Fast Charging Car Chargers, And Car Charging Adapters
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  • Phone Charge Pad (WLPNCGIN)
    New Fast Wireless Charger K8 Wireless Charging Phone For IPhone For Samsung S23 S22 Mi 10 Inductive Charger Wireless Charging Pad

    Fast charging: Charges your phone quickly and efficiently.
    Wireless charging: No need for cords or cables, simply place your phone on the charging pad.
    Wide compatibility: Works with a variety of phone models including iPhone, Samsung, and Mi.
    Inductive charging: Uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between the charging pad and your phone.
    Convenient: Allows you to charge your phone without having to plug it in.

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  • Ultimate Bike Safety Device (IN4IN1BK)

    Rechargeable LED Bicycle Bike Phone Holder Lights USB Power Bank Front Headlight

    4 in 1 3 Leds 360 Degrees Adjustable Bracket Bicycle Mount Rotatable Mountain Road Bike Scooter Phone Holder Bell 4000mAh/2000mAh USB Power Bank Rechargeable Bike 3 Modes Front Light Waterproof Road Bike Cycling Horn Stand

    1. 4 In 1 Multi-function: Bicycle mobile phone holder with 400 lumens bicycle LED light / charging treasure / 130DB speaker, saving a lot of bicycle frame space.

    2. Easy To Install: easy to install without any tools.

    3. Sturdy And Safe: The bicycle mobile phone holder clip has 3 supporting angles, including 2 elastic clips, to ensure that your mobile phone is firmly fixed on the bicycle handle, super stability and safety.

    4. Good Compatibility: Suitable for 4-6.5-inch mobile phones, can also be used with a mobile phone case.

    5. With High Decibel Speakers: Up to 130db, 5 modes of sound effects, long press for more than 4 seconds to switch sound effects.

    6. New power Display: Check the remaining power in real time, worry-free travel.

    7. Applicable Vehicles: Suitable for most vehicle handlebars, such as motorcycles/mountain bikes/mountain bikes/electric bicycles/folding bikes/scooters, etc.

    • Item Type: Bicycle Light
    • Material: ABS Engineering Plastic + PS Silicone
    • Lumens: 400 Lumens
    • Speaker Decibel: 130 Decibels
    • Charging Time: 3/5 Hours
    • Mobile Phone Size Requirements: 4-6.5 inches
    • Color: Blue/Red
    • Waterproof Level: IPX-3
    • Fixing Method: 30-degree rotation is adjustable, the bracket can be tightened
    • Output Current: 1A
    • Fixing Method: 360-degree rotation is adjustable, the bracket can be tightened
    • Lighting Mode: Strong Light-Low Light-Fast Flash
    • Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh polymer lithium battery
    • 4000 mAh: 8 hours strong light, 16 hours low light, 16 hours fast light
    • Use Time: 6-12 hours
    • Item Size: About 14 * 5.3 * 3.8cm

    Package List:
    Bracket * 1
    Base * 1
    Charging Cable * 1
    Speaker Button * 1
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  • Auto Digital Display Fast USB Charger in Pouch (ADDFUSBIN)
    Digital display car charger 4USB Car Charger Charging Adapter QC3.0 Car fast charger for iPhone15 Pro Max 14 13 Mini Xiaomi Samsung Mobile phone car charger


    Connector Type: USB
    Connector Polarity: Female To Male
    Charging Adapter Feature: Travel
    Power Mode: Car Plug
    Operating Voltage: ≤36V
    Packaged in a faux leather, zippered, padded storage/carrying pouch.

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  • Emergency USB Crank Charger (CRKGENIN)
    USB Hand Crank Charger Generator Manual Phone Charging Dynamo  (a must for emergency preparedness)

    Condition: New
    Quantity: 1 PCS
    Color:  black
    Maximum output voltage: DC 6V
    Maximum output current: 300 mA
    1 Minutes of Battery charging time will yield 3-5 Minutes of talk time:
    Color: Black
    Net weight: 65g

    This mini and suitable hand-winding charger is designed for emergency use. Just wind it by hand slightly,
    it can charge the device freely. With this built-in USB interface, it is easy to connect to all sorts of USB devices
    Save your spending, safe use , and  will not harm or damage to your mobile phone .
    Can be repeated use, light weight, small size, convenient travel use
    The inherent emergency lighting

    Holding the charger, black handle on your right hand, crank.
    Will the USB interface insert affiliated connecting charger USB port place
    Choose a cell phone with connector will it and connections at the other end of the room
    Finally, will insert your phone connector. So you can charge.
    Be careful to take down the charger black handle, and then crank the same direction at a rate of 100 to 120 cranks per minute.
    turn the handle. You crank the more you crank, the greater you phone standby time and call time.

    When your cell phone battery life cannot be completely out of the charge. You should be in the cell phone battery power
    is completely exhausted before your cell phone battery. If the charger gets hot, you must immediately stop shaking,
    wait until it cooled can continue to crank (at least cooling 10 minutes)
    Don't shake too fast, and keep in the 100-120 times per minute.
    Don't take on hot, charger, and a fire the place where water and other moist place.

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  • Survival Light Charger (402504996045)
    Hand Crank Emergency Solar Weather Radio 2000mAh Power Bank Charger Flash Light

    Solar Hand Crank Self Powered Weather Radio has also functions of LED flashlight and power bank for Smart Phone. It supports not only Solar Powered but also supports USB Charged and Crank Dynamo, which brings great safety guarantee and convenience to people in outdoor occasions.
    Only 1 minute cranking you can AT LEAST have 20 minutes of radio or 30 minutes of flashlight power Part of survival kit(not only for survival essential backup but also daily use.)
    Upgraded Version: New standard USB output, much easier to charge USB enabled devices like mobile phones, MP3, MP4. NO more USB connector converters.
    Simply & Quickly! 3-in-1 Weather Radio: Compact AM/FM NOAA weather radio and a powerful 3 LED flashlight, with cell phone charger!Not only for daily AM/FM radio broadcast, perfect for weather broadcast. The 3 Led flashlight works up to 6 lumen, enough for outdoor use. 300mah battery and hand crank self-power functions well in emergency charging.
    3 Ways to Recharge: Solar charging + hand crank powered + USB charging.Only 1 minute cranking you can AT LEAST have 20 minutes of radio or 30 minutes of continuous torch light,5 minutes cell phone talk time. It provides power once you need!
    Perfect for Emergency & Daily Use: As an essential part of your emergency kit, it can be with you in many occasions especially outdoor occasions like camping, hiking, fishing, etc. Also good for daily use like nigh lighting and radio broadcast!
    Lightweight & Portable: less than 0.5 lbs, small size of 5" x 2.4" x 1.6", Very compact, light, and easy to carry.
    Color: random
    Dimension: 128 x 60 x 45 (mm)
    Maximum power consumption: 0.5W
    Frequency range: AM 520~1710 KHz
    FM 87~108 MHz
    NOAA: 162.450~162.550 MHz
    Working voltage: 2.7V~4.2V
    Power source: 2/3 AAA 300mAh/3.6V Ni-MH.
    Package include:
    1 x Solar Hand Crank Self Powered Weather Radio
    1 x User Manual

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  • Solar Charger (393417368579)
    Product Description

    Number of Ports 2
    Country/Region of Manufacture China
    Custom Bundle No
    Compatible Brand Universal
    Material Plastic
    Connectivity Dual USB,USB
    Type Power Bank
    Compatible Model: Universal including: For Apple iPhone 7, For Apple iPhone 7 Plus, For Apple iPhone 8, For Apple iPhone 8 Plus, For Apple iPhone SE, For Apple iPhone X, For Apple iPhone XR, For Apple iPhone XS, For Apple iPhone XS Max, For Samsung Galaxy S7,For Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, For Samsung Galaxy S8,For Samsung Galaxy S8+,For Samsung Galaxy S9, For Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Color Black
    Cable Length 1 ft
    Wireless Charging Standard Does not apply
    MPN Does not apply
    Modified Item No
    Power Capacity 10000mAh
    Brand Unbranded
    Waterproof Waterproof
    Items Included Charging Cable
    Voltage 5 V
    Additional features Multi-U output solar energy with LED flashlight
    Warranty Yes
    Size 138.5*75*20mm
    Manufacturer Color Black
    Model Universal
    Type of battery Lithium polymer battery
    Features Dustproof, LED, Solar Charger, Waterproof, USB charging, Compass, Dual USB Output,MS086,Includ Mountaineering Buckle Easy to Carry
    Design/Finish Portable
    Item Length 13.85cm / 5.45inch
    Item Width 7.5cm / 2.95inch
    Item Height 2cm / 0.78 inch
    Item Weight 290g
    Mounting Type Direct use without installation (USB Solar Charger)
    Mounting Location indoor / outdoor
    Theme USB Solar Power Bank


    Capacity: 10000mAh
    Input: DC5V-1.0A
    Output: Dual USB DC5V-1.0A/ DC5V-2.1A
    Size: 138.5*75*20 (mm)
    Type: Emergency / Portable
    Output Interface: Double USB
    Weight: 290g
    Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery
    Battery Capacity(mAh): 10000mAh
    Quality Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC
    Supports Solar Energy: Yes
    Output: 5V/2.1A
    Is LED Lamp Illumination: Yes
    Input Interface: USB


    New colorful high quality ABS+PC shell
    High capacity 10000000mAh beautiful Waterproof Solar mobile power
    Long service life, more than 500 times for the charging and discharging
    Power bank external battery
    Portable rechargeable mobile phone charger
    Led indicator showing when charging
    Compatible: Universal, fits all devices
    Safe and reliable, perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities

    1. Current
    When the current increase in the exception, Power Bank immediately start the buffer voltage fuction, provides a steady-state voltage at any time. Avoid charging the device or damage.
    2. Short circuit protection
    When there is a short circuit occur in the external device, Power Bank start the protection function, Shut down the power supply and avoid damage from short circuit.
    3. Overheating protection
    When Power Bank runs long in high temperatures (exceeding 60 degrees), Power Bank will not be dangerous due to high temperatures.
    4. overdischarge protection
    When the Power Bank discharge reached a critical point, the circuit automatically starts the protection function and stops the discharge.
    5. Overload protection
    Long time charge for mobile power or use Power Bank charging for your phone. When the saturation point is reached, the system automatically turns off, avoiding overloading the problem.
    6. Overvoltage protection
    Long time charge for mobile power or use Power Bank charging for the phone, when reaching the saturation point, In order to prevent overvoltage, the system automatically shuts down.

    Package included:
    • 1x Power bank
    • 1x USB charging cable
    • 1x English manual
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