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  • 5 Mode USB Rechargeable Bike Light (IN-143339680037-R)
    USB Rechargeable Bike Rear LED Tail Light Safety Warning Light Waterproof Lamps  - Round

    1. Multi functional: Can be used as a bicycle LED tail light, warning light or headlights. Except the bike handle bar, you can place it in the
    seat post, helmet bags and more. (Length of the strap: 7.677 inches/ 19.5 cm, can hold most bikes seat post)
    2. Super Cool for Cycling trip: If you are a person who like cycling trip, hiking and other outdoor activities, this durable light will be the
    essential in your journey.
    3. 5 Lighting Modes: Red highlight; Red Weaken; Red fast flashing; Red slow flashing; SOS flashing. (Highlight mode can be used for 5
    4. USB Rechargeable: Built-in 250mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery, it stops wasting your money to buy batteries for it. The light can
    be charged on your computer or any device with a USB port. Only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. Working time depends on the light mode
    you choose.
    5. Ultra Bright and Waterproof
    6. Easy to install and Remove: Quick release rubber strap, and then mount it on or remove from your bike. Totally hassle-free! A very
    convenient tool for bike. You can take it off or put it on at anytime, anywhere which will effectively prevent the theft.

    Special Notes: Please don't immerse the USB port in water though it is waterproof
    Name : USB Rechargeable Bike Rear LED Tail Light

    Package Includes:
    1 x Bicycle Taillight

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  • Safety Tape (INSFTYTP)

    26FT Reflective Safety Tape Self Adhesive pinstripe Sticker Strip Decal Yellow


    Reflective tape will ensure you can be seen at all times, increase visibility considerably by adding reflective tape on the frame where appropriate.

    Easy to apply on any clean, smooth surface.

    Easily removable, and will NOT damage to your paint during or after installation.

    High stretchable ability, and ultimate in flexibility to most curved surfaces.

    Resistant to water, solvents, gasoline and sunlight for long-lasting use.

    Highly reflective and wide angle reflection, even up to 90 degree angle.

    Using high-quality adhesive reflective vinyl.

    Can be cleaned with detergent and water.

    Super durable, designed to withstand outdoor applications for 4+ years.

    Width: 1 cm

    Length: 26 Feet

    Package Included : 1 Roll Per Order

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  • Emergency/Survival/Scouting/Sports/Camping Compass/Whistle/Thermometer (WSCPTMIN)
    3 In 1 Emergency Survival Whistle, Compass, Thermometer, Referee Cheerleading Whistle, Sporting Goods, Camping Hiking Outdoor Tools, Outdoors High Decibel Portable Keychain Whistle Double Pipe Emergency Survival Whistle

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  • Bug Killer Light (BUGKILIN)


    Stable LED light source, 2in1 multifunctional - both mosquito killer and night light.
    High brightness, low energy consumption, energy saving, environmentally friendly.
    Physical electric shock LED violet wave technology, electric shock anti-mosquito.
    High light transmittance PC light cover, heat resistant, good flame retardant, eye care.
    Large hole design, effectively attract mosquitoes and anti-mosquito, healthy, non-toxic, long time.

    Item Name: LED Mosquito Killer Lamp
    Power: 15W
    Emitting Color: White / Purple
    LED Chips: SMD 2835
    LED Quantity: 12pcs
    Material: PC
    Size: 95 * 170mm

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  • Solar Motion Sensor Alarm For Home, Farm, Barn, Yard (SMSAHFBY)

    Solar Sound Light Motion Sensor Alarm, Strobe Light Motion Alarm, 129dB Loud Sound & LED Flashing Light Waterproof For Home, Farm, Barn, Yard

    Control Method: Application
    Power Supply: Solar Charging
    Wireless Property: With infrared sensor function
    Battery Properties: Rechargeable Battery
    Rechargeable Battery: Lithium Battery

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  • Emergency USB Crank Charger (CRKGENIN)
    USB Hand Crank Charger Generator Manual Phone Charging Dynamo  (a must for emergency preparedness)

    Condition: New
    Quantity: 1 PCS
    Color:  black
    Maximum output voltage: DC 6V
    Maximum output current: 300 mA
    1 Minutes of Battery charging time will yield 3-5 Minutes of talk time:
    Color: Black
    Net weight: 65g

    This mini and suitable hand-winding charger is designed for emergency use. Just wind it by hand slightly,
    it can charge the device freely. With this built-in USB interface, it is easy to connect to all sorts of USB devices
    Save your spending, safe use , and  will not harm or damage to your mobile phone .
    Can be repeated use, light weight, small size, convenient travel use
    The inherent emergency lighting

    Holding the charger, black handle on your right hand, crank.
    Will the USB interface insert affiliated connecting charger USB port place
    Choose a cell phone with connector will it and connections at the other end of the room
    Finally, will insert your phone connector. So you can charge.
    Be careful to take down the charger black handle, and then crank the same direction at a rate of 100 to 120 cranks per minute.
    turn the handle. You crank the more you crank, the greater you phone standby time and call time.

    When your cell phone battery life cannot be completely out of the charge. You should be in the cell phone battery power
    is completely exhausted before your cell phone battery. If the charger gets hot, you must immediately stop shaking,
    wait until it cooled can continue to crank (at least cooling 10 minutes)
    Don't shake too fast, and keep in the 100-120 times per minute.
    Don't take on hot, charger, and a fire the place where water and other moist place.

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  • Emergency Dual-Frequency Survival Whistle-Key Ring (EDFSWIN)
    Dual-Frequency Survival Whistle - Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Outdoor EDC Equipment for Emergency Situations

    Loud and clear: emits a high-pitched sound that can be heard from a distance
    Dual-frequency: can produce two different tones for emergency situations
    Durable material: made of flat aluminum alloy that is sturdy and long-lasting
    Lightweight and portable: easy to carry in your pocket or attach to your gear
    Essential for outdoor activities: perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor adventures
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