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  • Qi Wireless Fast Charger (QiCRGRIN)

    Qi Wireless Fast Charger Charging Pad Dock for Samsung iPhone Android Cell Phone

    Material: aluminum alloy+acrylic
    Product dimensions: 9.98*9.98*1cm
    Single package size: 15.6*12.3*2.5cm
    Packing quantity: packing according to our requirements
    Package list: 1 wireless charge, color box packaging, warranty card, manual and wiring
    Input: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A
    Output: 5V/1A, 9V/1.1A
    Charging range: 1 coil
    Charging distance: 0-8mm
    Wiring white 1m MICRO USB data cable

    Product features and advantages:
    * Upgrade bold coil: anti-interference does not hurt the machine. Charging is fast, safe and stable
    *QC certification intelligent matching: two charging modes, which can automatically match corresponding charging modes according to different charging devices
    * Inductive stability of independent coil: Thickened independent coil, stable magnetic field. Do not interfere with the original magnetic field of the mobile phone and protect the battery
    * The whole bottom temperature is charged quickly and does not burn: it is cool at low temperature and can be touched directly by hand, without hurting the machine or burning hands.
    * The induction sensitive case can also be charged: the induction distance is as long as 8mm, and it can be charged as fast as the mobile phone case
    * Radiation-free health fast charge: built-in magnetic separator to ensure that the fast charge is radiation-free and accessible to the elderly and children
    * As thin as 8.5mm, it is small and portable: it can be put into any travel bag, it is light and thin, and it is hard not to like it

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