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  • Meat Tenderizer (314735408310)
    Meat Tenderizer Tool 21Needles Stainless Steel Tenderizing Kitchen Tool
    • High Quality: Made Of Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel, Perfect Polishing, 21 Needles Prong Construction With ABS Plastic Handle Easily To Operate. Keep Fresh Meat, Seasoning Can Be Thoroughly And Quickly Into Meat
    • Tenderizing Meat Quickly :Stainless-Steel Prongs Break Down Tough Meat Fibers And Useful For Piercing Meats Before Marinating, Improve The Taste And Tenderness Of Meat
    • The Meat Tenderizer Needle Effectively Shorten The Marinating And Cooking Time, You Can Get Up And Running With This Tenderizer In Just Minutes And Make It More Tasty
    • Suitable for Any Kind of Meat, The meat tenderizer features very sharp Steel nails which make it ideal especially for the meat like venison, pork, beef, veal, fowl and even poultry and fish. Having a compact and lightweight design, you can comfortably hold it in your palm.
    • Safe to use - Safety-Lock Prevents Accidents; Safety Storage Cap Included
    • Easy to Clean
    • So You Can Relax And Get Professional Kitchen Results With Peace Of Mind



    • Type: Needle Meat Tenderizer
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Colour: Black
    • Size: 19x5cm

    Package Includes:


    • 1pcs x Meat Tenderizer
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  • 6 pcs Stretch Silicone Wraps (BWRAP-IN)

    6PCS Stretch Reusable Silicone Bowl Wraps Food Saver Cover Seal LIDS SET

    Type: Cookware Parts
    Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
    Cookware Parts Type: Lids
    Material: food grade Silicone
    Temperature : -40F to +446F (-40c to +230c)
    Material :BPA free 100% Food Grade Silicone
    Advantage: Heat resistance flexible
    Size:2.6", 3.7" 4.5", 5.7", 6.5" and 8.3"
    Color: Clear/White 
    6 X Suction Lid-bowl 

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  • KTMW18
    LaCuisine(TM) 18pc Microwave Cookware Set (24409386152)
    Table to fridge to dishwasher, convenience cooking has never looked so good. The LaCuisine(TM) 18pc Microwave Cookware Set includes a 48oz covered casserole, four 14oz covered bowls and four 8oz covered bowls. Lids included for refrigerator storage. Microwave and dishwasher safe for quick meal prep and easy clean up. Gift box.

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  • Wyndham House(TM) 13.5oz (400 ml) Porcelain Tea Steeping Mug (841659104837)
    The Wyndham House(TM) 13.5oz (400 ml) Porcelain Tea Steeping Mug is a complete package for the tea drinker - just add a teabag! Crafted from all-white porcelain with a white porcelain lid that can also be used as a coaster. Tea mug holds a generous 13.5 ounces. Stainless steel tea strainer/infuser included. Great gift idea for the tea drinker in your life! Gift box.

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  • 20" Linen Dinner Napkins (8 colors to select from) (DIR002)

    20" Linen Dinner Napkin Set of 4

    You will impress any dinner guest and make any table setting ELEGANT with these QUALITY dinner napkins. Made of quality linen material to last a life-time. Extra large 20". Set of four.

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    Use just like a bar of soap under running water to remove odors from hands such as onion, fish, etc.. 304 Stainless Steel.
    Gift Boxed 

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  • 9" Grill Dome Cover (4165910694)
    Chefmaster 9" Grill Dome Cover Stainless Steel with Wire Handle.
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  • XPAC 84-Ounce Sweat-Free Beverage/Water Pitcher, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated (4165911118)
    • LARGE PITCHER: This pitcher can hold up to 84 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage.
    • VACUUM INSULATION: With a double-wall vacuum design, this pitcher is sweat-free and insulated.
    • LIDDED PITCHER: It features a large comfort handle and acrylic lid for extra safety for your drink.
    • SERVING DISPENSER: This large drink pitcher is great for hosting parties, using outdoors, and more.
    • PICNIC PITCHER: This drink container is great for holding juice, tea, lemonade, and other drinks.

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  • Replacement Knob (2440939237)
    Replacement Knob For The Items
    2440938608   Steam Control™ 8qt T304 Stainless Steel Stockpot/Spaghetti Cooker with Deep Fry Basket & Steamer Inserts
    24409387166    Precise Heat Surgical Stainless-Steel Oversized Skillet, 14.25 Inch Diameter And 4.25 Inches Deep.
    2440901450   HealthSmart™ 16qt 12-Element T304 Stainless Steel "Waterless" Stockpot
    24409387234   Precise Heat™ 24qt 12-Element ''Waterless'' Stockpot with Deep Steamer Basket
    2440938721   Precise Heat™ 30qt 12-Element "Waterless" Stockpot with Steamer Basket
    24409387265   Steam Control™ 12qt 12-Element T304 Stainless Steel Stockpot
    24409057045   Precise Heat™ 5.5qt 12-Element T304 Stainless Steel Stockpot with Vented Cover
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    HealthSmart 16' (total length) 8' Charcoal colored Granite Rolling Pin with white Marble Handles. (841659105858)
    Professional pastry chefs know that using a granite working surface can make all the difference when preparing food. When you use the HealthSmart(TM) Granite Rolling Pin in your home kitchen, you'll see instant results in your cookie and pie crust dough. Measures 16" overall, with an 8" charcoal colored granite body and white marble handles. A welcome gift for the bride or mom! Gift box.

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  • French Fry Vegetable Fruit Cutter (FFCUTRIN)
    Potato Fries Cutter One Step French Fry Vegetable Fruit Slicer Kitchen Tools
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  • Magnetic Knife Scissor Holder (MAGHLDRIN)

    13" Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Scissor Storage Holder


    With high strength magnetic strips, you will be able to easily store you knives safely and easily with the any master class deluxe magnetic knife racks.

    Material: ABS/Thermoplastic frame

    Size: Approx (Length x Width x High)33cm x 3.3cm x 1.3cm/13.2 inch x 1.32 inch x 0.47inch

    Color: Black

    Net Weight:280g


    1 x Magnetic Wall Mount Knife holder

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  • Chef's Secret™ Bamboo Cutting Board (4165910807)

    Chef's Secret™ Bamboo Cutting Board

    Protect your knives and countertops with our bamboo cutting board, made of renewable environmentally friendly bamboo. Size: 17-3/4" x 12-1/2" x 3/4" 

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    Wyndham House(TM) 12oz French Press Coffee Maker (24409485572)
    Superior tasting coffee is only moments away with the Wyndham House(TM) 12oz French Press Coffee Maker. Perfectly sized to make your big double mug each morning or to create a nice after dinner treat for two, this French press coffee maker features stainless steel design, high boron glass, and mirror finish. Heat/cold resistant. Dishwasher safe. Measures 4-3/4' x 7-1/4' x 3-1/2'. Gift boxed.

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    Precise Heat(TM) Countertop Induction Cooker (24409481550)
    Features 1500 watts, sensor control panel and digital readout. Measures 15' x 2-5/8' x 12-3/4'. Limited 1 year warranty. White box.

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    CHEF'S SECRET STAINLESS STEEL ODOR BAR - Use just like a bar of soap under running water to remove odors from hands such as onion, fish, etc.. 304 Stainless Steel. Gift Boxed 

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  • 24oz Shaker Bottle (4165910754)
    MAXAM 24oz Tritan Shaker Bottle with blue color ball and lid. Includes a mixer ball, separator, and a spill-free, attachment loop lid. Perfect for protein shakes and smoothies on the go.

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  • 3 in 1 Avocado Tool (AVDOTLIN)

    DEFUTAY 3 in 1 Avocado Slicer Tool with Grip Handle, Multifunctional Avocado Knife peeler, Avocado Pitter and Cutter (Black + Green)

    About this item:
    Color Black + Green
    Blade Material Stainless Steel
    Brand Defutay
    Handle Material Stainless Steel

    About this item

    • 【Material】 Avocado slicer is made of food grade plastic and stainless steel.1 pc avocado slicer.
    • 【Design】3 in 1 design. The functions included are cut, remove core, and peeler of avocado.
    • 【Safe】 Avocado slicer tool has non-slip handle and plastic blade .The blade without sharp edge, safe to splitting the avocado skin and removing the core.
    • 【Application】 Avocado slicer for avocado splitting, pitting and slicing.  It's not only for avocado, but also for kiwi, dragon fruit, peach.
    • 【Easy to Storage】 The ergonomically shaped long handle. Avocado slicer has a hole, good for saving space.

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  • 13" Magnetic Knife Scissor Holder (274501514894)
    13" Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Scissor Storage Holder

    New and high quality

    With high strength magnetic strips, you will be able to easily store you knives safely and easily with the any master class deluxe magnetic knife racks.

    Material: ABS/Thermoplastic frame

    Size: Approx (Length x Width x High)33cm x 3.3cm x 1.3cm/13.2 inch x 1.32 inch x 0.47inch

    Color: Black

    Net Weight:280g


    1 x Magnetic Wall Mount Knife holder

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  • KTLKS4
    Wyndham House 4pc (2,3,4 & 5 Cup) Stainless Steel Storage Containers (8416591-IN)
    Stainless steel is the chef's choice for safe food storage and for easy clean-up. Four sizes to accommodate your leftovers or for pantry items. Includes: 2 Cup, 3 Cup, 4 Cup and 5 Cups sizes. Each container has its own airtight, interchangeable plastic lid to keep the freshness in and preserve food quality. Handy sizes for all of your storage needs from party snacks to everyday staples. Great idea for new couples or as a hostess gift. They will work great for crafting or baby's room. There is no limit to how convenient these containers are.

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  • Slitzer Germany Paring Knife, German Stainless Steel Blade, Red. (2440951902)
    • The Slitzer Germany 3.5 Inch paring knife is a great companion tool to a classic chef knife. A smaller blade helps make batter cuts effortlessly and will elevate your work in your kitchen.
    • Make food preparation easier with paring knives that do the job. With our razor-sharp blades, you'll be able to cut fruits, veggies, or small meats with precision.
    • Made of reliable German stainless steel and built to last, the blades of our kitchen knife set will cut food effortlessly, with only minimal force on your part.
    • Easily control our knives with their pointed blades that allow for tight and targeted coring or paring. Peeling that fruit or deveining that shrimp will be a breeze.
    • With ergonomically shaped hilts, you'll have a strong grip of the knives while doing food prep. Avoid accidents in the kitchen with knife handles that won't slip.
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  • HealthSmart™ By MAXAM® Gray Granite Mortar and Pestle (4165911130)
    A real chef uses a mortar and pestle in the kitchen. A gourmet chef keeps a mortar and pestle on the counter to grind spices, smash nuts and seeds, make condiments and sauces, and of course, create the glorious pesto or salsa. When you’ve moved beyond pre-packaged spices, use this HealthSmart® Granite Mortar and Pestle during meal prep – and you’ll soon realize releasing the fresh flavors and oils of the spices you use in cooking makes a big difference in the taste of the food! The Stone Age kitchen tool that is just as relevant today in the cooking process, with a rough textured interior for efficient grinding. When visitors see a quality mortar and pestle in your kitchen, they know you’re a connoisseur that takes cooking seriously. When your mortar and pestle arrives, please take the time to season it properly. To season, place one-quarter cup of white rice in the mortar bowl and grind to powder using the pestle. Check the powder for any granite debris, and if you find any, repeat this seasoning process. Properly seasoning your mortar and pestle will remove manufacturing impurities. Once properly seasoned, clean your mortar and pestle by rinsing with hot water and cleaning with a brush. Do not use soap to clean, the granite will absorb the soapy residue and in turn transfer that to your food. Excellent gift idea for the newlyweds, a housewarming gift, or any serious cook on your gift list. Heavyweight construction of solid granite stone weighs approx. 5 pounds. Mortar measures 5-1/8" diameter x 3-1/4", with 5-1/8" pestle. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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  • Replacement Long Handle (2440939301)
    Maxam 9-Element Waterless Cookware Set Replacement Long Handle

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  • 15 3/4" Rolling Pin (SSRPIN)
    Stainless Steel French Rolling Pin w/ Measurements Nonstick Adjustable Weight

    Stainless steel, smoother than wooden or silicone
    Hollow core makes it lighter, ideal for rolling
    Fill w/water to adjust weight, replace stopper
    Chill in freezer to reduce dough's stickiness
    Prevent dough from warming & melting butter within
    Narrow diameter– easy to control pin’s movement
    Brushed matte finish holds flour dusting well
    Works better than mirror polished finish
    Tapers at the ends so you can rotate it smoothly
    Won’t leave lines in the dough like a straight pin
    Rod shape allows you to estimate dough thickness
    Printed measurements in inches & centimeters
    No handles or rings get in the way, easier on wrist
    Seamless design is completely sealed, no crevices
    No water or food will contaminate it, sanitary
    Won’t absorb odors, colors or flavors like wood
    Make pastries, pie, pancakes, pastas, pizzas
    For baking breads, cookies, fondant, meal prep
    Roll tortillas, naan bread, other homemade foods
    Versatile for kids, arts & crafts, clay, Play-Doh
    Rust-resistant, easy cleaning in dishwasher
    Fill 3/4 full with water to increase to 33oz
    304 Stainless steel, Silicone stopper
    Designed in USA

    15.75”L x 1.5”W center, 1.25”W at the ends

    Smoother than wood or silicone, and tapered to roll with control, this pin has a matte surface to hold flour. Fill with water to add weight, and freeze for nonstick.

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  • Stretch Silicone Wraps (184236168410)

    6 pcs Set Stretch Silicone Food Bowl Cover Storage Wraps Seals Reusable Lids


    6 Pcs Silicone Stretch Lids Reusable Airtight Food Wrap Covers Keeping Fresh Seal Bowl Stretchy Wrap Cover Kitchen Cookware



    1.Good quality & perfect seal: All Silicone lids food and bowl covers are various sizes, our covers use PREMIUM material and got THICKER GROVES on the edges providing a maximum seal. These are smooth, tough and stretchy enough to snuggle over odd-shaped containers to prevent spills while keeping food fresh.

    2.Safe & Environmental: High quality silicone material, non-toxic, BPA free, 100% Phthalate Free, Lead Free, Plastic Free. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. NO discoloration & heat resistant up to 450 F. Simply cover your food and heat in microwave or freeze. Safe and healthy for adult and Baby food storage.

    3.Excellent Compatibility: They can expand to fit many containers: such as a bowl, cups, glassware, pyrex, jar, food can, instant pot, crockpots. Also useful for FRUITS and VEGETABLES: watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, lemon, onions or other fruits and vegetables.

    4.Freezable&MicrowavableI: They are anti freezing and heat resisting. WITHSTAND TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40 C (-40 F) to 232 C (450 F). Approved Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer safe so you can enjoy delicious leftovers conveniently



    Material: Food-grade Silicone


    3 Colors: Randomly sent White, Blue, Green

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  • Touch-Free Forehead Infrared Digital Thermometer (TFFIDTIN)
    Digital Thermometer, Touch-Free Forehead Thermometer, LED Large Digits, Instant And Accurate Temperature Readings, 2 In 1 Thermometer Mode Infrared Thermometer With Fever Alarm And Instant And Accurate Readings (Batteries Not Included)


    • Outer Material: Plastic
    • Applicable Age Group: 14+
    • Display Type: Digital
    • Reusability: Single Use
    Special Features: 
    • Alarm, Non-contact
    • Battery Properties: Without Battery
    • Power Mode: Battery Powered
    • Operating Voltage: ≤36V
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  • Replacement Knob (2440939234)
    Replacement Knob for: 
    Item: #2440938702    
    Maxam 9-Element Waterless Cookware Set, Durable Stainless Steel Construction with Heat and Cold Resistant Handles, 17-Pieces
    Item: #2440938731   
    Maxam® 12-Element 1.7qt Saucepan with Cover
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  • Beautiful Wood Tablet/Phone Holder (WDHLDDIN)

    Wood Phone Stand Desktop Tablet Holder Mount for iPhone 12 11 Xs Max 8 Plus iPad



         Material: Natural Wood

         Package includes: 1pcs deer phone holder


        【More Stability】- fits your phone perfectly, but it also holds your tablet safely.
        【Adorable Desk Accessories】- fine craftsmanship, smooth finish. very unique and very nice office or home decor.
        【Desktop Assistant】- This phone holder is designed for to hold your phone or tablet while charging, watching movies and playing games, or cooking.
        【Wide Compatibility】-Holding the phone horizontally or vertically. Compatible with all kinds of smartphones and tablets.
        【Detachable & Portable】- The phone holder combines 2 parts, you can assemble it easily. It is easy to put in your backpack or pocket.
        【360° Rotation】 The dog can be rotated 360°

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