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  • Dog Nail Clippers (DOGCLPIN)

    Greenbrier Kennel Club Dog Nail Clippers

    Are you tired of paying tons of money for simple pet grooming tasks? Keep your pet's nails clipped  with these Greenbrier Kennel Club™ . Great for your home, use in animal shelters, and at veterinary offices.

    Assortment Details: Greenbrier Kennel Club™ Dog Nail Clippers among navy blue and purple 
    Brand: Greenbrier Kennel Club™
    Colors: Navy Blue
    Material: Plastic, Stainless-Steel
    Material Breakdown: 30% Stainless Steel, 70% Plastic

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  • FleecePro Waterproof Outdoor Blanket, (available in 5 colors) (2440952452)
    FleecePro Waterproof Outdoor Blanket - Premium Quilted Fleece, Waterproof & Windproof, Great for Camping, Picnics, Beaches, Stadiums, Dogs, 50" X 60"
    • Measuring 50 X 60 inches the blanket is more than large enough to wrap around 2 people or provide the perfect family size picnic blanket, beach blanket or camping blanket. The ultra-light design allows it to be easily carried with the shoulder straps.
    • This light blanket weights 1.7 lbs only. It can be carried anywhere without too much weight.
    • This blanket is made of acrylic fibers+ PE waterproof membrane, the surface is soft and comfortable. And the PE waterproof membrane blocks moisture, anti sand and waterproof.
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  • Cubic Zirconia Cat Fashion Pendant for necklace (CATPENIN)
    Product Type :pendant only
    Quantity :1pc
    Package: as picture

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  • Pet Squeaky Toy (SQYTOYIN)
    Innovative Puppy Cat Squeaky Donut Toys Pet Dog Chew Throws For Pet

    Type: squeak toys

    Color: coffee



    Material: plush

    Apply : animals


    Package includes:1pc squeak toy


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  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller (Pink) (INMOSQUITOP)
    Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Insect Pest Bug Repellent Band Repeller Wrist


    Product features: Pure physical mosquito repellent, non chemical mosquito repellent, safer, safer, more environmentally friendly, and healthier. Can be worn by the elderly, children, pregnant women and pets. The product can be worn indoor and outdoor (sea, park, Camping, climbing, fishing)


    Product Name: Ultrasonic Mosquito Watch

    Function: Sonic mosquito repellent

    Input: 5V / 0.5A

    Output: 34Hz-70KHz

    Battery capacity: 80mAh

    Charging time: about 30 minutes

    Endurance working time: 150 hours

    Product color: black, white, blue, pink

    Single package size: 32 * 52 * 78mm

    Packaging: 210 * 280 * 430mm

    Package Included:

    1 * mosquito repellent bracelet

    1 * Charging cable

    1 * User Manual

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