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  • Chefmaster™ Stainless Steel 2pc 6" Grill Dome Cover Set (INKTBQDC6)

    Chefmaster™ 2pc 6" Grill Dome Cover Set - Stainless Steel with Handle

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    Diamond Plate(TM) Motorcycle Flagpole Mount and POW/MIA Flag (24409500206)
    Support our fallen but not forgotten military combatants by mounting this Diamond Plate(TM) Motorcycle Flagpole Mount and POW/MIA Flag on your bike. Stand behind those who served our country and fly the Diamond Plate(TM) POW/MIA flag proudly. Flag measures 6" x 9" and is constructed of 100% 2-ply polyester and attaches to a 13" aluminum polished pole. Adjustable mounting bracket fits most motorcycles. Limited lifetime warranty on pole only. Gift boxed.

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  • Diamond Plate™ Hand-Sewn Pebble Grain Genuine Leather Biker Vest (2440907242)
    • Large LIVE TO RIDE Eagle Patch on Back
    • Antique Finish Buffalo Snaps
    • Lace-Up Sides
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  • Diamond Plate Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Vests for Men - Black Biker Armor (4165910892)
    Not everyone who commutes rides the bus or takes the subway — some folks simply prefer to go by motorcycles. Aside from being fuel-efficient and easy to maneuver in traffic, riding bikes also gives one this thrill that you can't quite experience when you’re driving an enclosed vehicle. However, proper riding gear is essential. Whether you're on a cross-country journey, going to the bike shop, or simply cruising around town, wearing the right vest can have you looking and feeling your best. The Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Vests for Men from Diamond Plate makes a stylish addition to your riding wardrobe.

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    Diamond Plate(TM) Hand-Sewn Pebble Grain Genuine Leather Biker Vest (24409072406)
    Features antique finish buffalo snaps and laced sides. Patch on the vest is an eagle with the words LIVE TO RIDE. Live To Ride(R) brand embroidered cloth patch is included and already sewn in place.

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  • KTOOLS12
    12pc Kitchen Tool Set by Chef's Secret(R) (INKTOOLS12)

    Features stainless steel and nylon construction.

    • Soup Ladle
    • Solid Spoon
    • Slotted Spoon
    • Pasta Fork
    • Whisk
    • Spatula
    • Cheese Knife
    • Ice Cream Scoop
    • Peeler
    • Pizza Cutter
    • Grater
    • Can Punch-Bottle Opener
    Ladle Measures 3-1/2" x 12-3/4" x 1"

    Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.

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    Adjustable Motorcycle/Bicycle Large Phone Mount (841659105094)
    The Adjustable Motorcycle/Bicycle Large Phone Mount is perfect for holding your tech appliance as you cruise down the road or bike path. Use this phone mount to map trip directions or take photos of your travels. Works for larger phones, PDAs, GPS, MP3 players, and other mobile devices. 360 degree swivel lockable joint with foam-padded ratcheting clamps and secure corner mounting clamps. Easy release button. ABS construction. Measures 2-5/8' x 4-1/4' and will expand to 7-1/4'.

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    2pc - 16oz Stainless Steel Wine Glass w/Lid by: XPAC(TM) (SSWGIN)
    XPAC 2pc - 16oz Stainless Steel Stem-Less Wine Glass w/Lid
    • Invite the XPAC 2pc - 16oz Stainless Steel Stem-Less Wine Glass w/Lid to your next party
    • Will keep wine and other drinks of choice chilled longer than glass or crystal
    • Set of two stem-less wine glasses with a brushed finish and black polypropylene lid
    • Bold, sophisticated, and unbreakable, with unique properties of stainless steel
    • X-Pac logo printed on the bottom felt pad
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  • LUFLD17
    Embassy(TM) 17' Packing Folder with Folding 'Form' (812605021683)
    The Embassy(TM) 17' Packing Folder with Folding 'Form' makes quick work of folding fresh laundry, and your closet shelves and dresser drawers will look like professional clothing store displays. So quick and easy to use, there are no more excuses for leaving your clothes in the laundry basket or draping them over the bedroom furniture. Extend the life of your clothes and keep the bedroom neat and tidy. Packing folder includes instructions on how to use the form to fold clothing like a pro, and a 210d hexagon-check carrying case. Form measures 17' X 11-1/2'.

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  • MAXAM® Universal Phone Holder - Mounts in Automobile Cup Holder (2440951715)
    Fits Most Automobile Cup Holders - Allows full use of your cup holder while phone holder is in use. Tilt/Swivel movement and 360° swing for precise angling; lockable twist joint; adjustable-width clamp; and works with most mobile devices. Gift boxed.

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  • Wyndham House™ 2 PC Watering Globe Set (4165911134)
    Many houseplants thrive on once a week watering, while other plants suffer if not watered daily. If you go on vacation or visit the lake house for a long weekend, who’s going to water your houseplants for you? The Wyndham House™ 2 Piece Watering Globe Set is the worry-free way to water your houseplants. Fill the Wyndham House™ Watering Globe with water and place carefully into the soil. As the potting soil becomes dry, the Watering Globe releases water to the plant. These gorgeous Wyndham House™ Glass Watering Globes come in four colors. Charming and trendy when used as home décor! Excellent gift idea every gardener will love. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Shipped in sturdy Styrofoam. Each globe measures 12” long x 3-1/2” in diameter. Includes 1pc each color: Red, Yellow. 2 piece set

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    Diamond Plate(TM) Magnetic Stainless Steel Cup Holder (24409491801)
    Attach the Diamond Plate(TM) Magnetic Stainless Steel Cup Holder to anything metal, such as riding mowers, tractors, heavy construction equipment, backyard metal tables, and more. Features heavy-duty magnets in base for a secure hold. Handsome exterior mirror finish, insulating foam insert to keep drink cold, and a drainage hole. Measures 3-1/2' diameter, 4' height. Gift boxed.

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    Bullet-Shaped Frame Mount LED Light by Diamond Plate(TM) (812605023557)
    Features polished aluminum frame, 3-watt bright blue LED bulb and push-button switch. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Measures 7/8' x 5-3/4'. Patent pending. Gift boxed.

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  • HealthSmart™ By MAXAM® Gray Granite Mortar and Pestle (4165911130)
    A real chef uses a mortar and pestle in the kitchen. A gourmet chef keeps a mortar and pestle on the counter to grind spices, smash nuts and seeds, make condiments and sauces, and of course, create the glorious pesto or salsa. When you’ve moved beyond pre-packaged spices, use this HealthSmart® Granite Mortar and Pestle during meal prep – and you’ll soon realize releasing the fresh flavors and oils of the spices you use in cooking makes a big difference in the taste of the food! The Stone Age kitchen tool that is just as relevant today in the cooking process, with a rough textured interior for efficient grinding. When visitors see a quality mortar and pestle in your kitchen, they know you’re a connoisseur that takes cooking seriously. When your mortar and pestle arrives, please take the time to season it properly. To season, place one-quarter cup of white rice in the mortar bowl and grind to powder using the pestle. Check the powder for any granite debris, and if you find any, repeat this seasoning process. Properly seasoning your mortar and pestle will remove manufacturing impurities. Once properly seasoned, clean your mortar and pestle by rinsing with hot water and cleaning with a brush. Do not use soap to clean, the granite will absorb the soapy residue and in turn transfer that to your food. Excellent gift idea for the newlyweds, a housewarming gift, or any serious cook on your gift list. Heavyweight construction of solid granite stone weighs approx. 5 pounds. Mortar measures 5-1/8" diameter x 3-1/4", with 5-1/8" pestle. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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  • HealthSmart™ Marble Kitchen Utensil Holder (4165910794)
    The HealthSmart™ Marble Kitchen Utensil Holder features polished gray and white colored marble construction. Elegant yet heavy duty weighing in at almost 6 pounds.  Measures 5-1/8" X 5-1/8" X 7". Gift box.
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    Iron Horse(TM) 7pc Rock Design Genuine Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Luggage Set (24409016332)
    This motorcycle luggage set is excellent for those last minute trips. Easy on and off means you can turn your sleek boulevard cruiser into a touring bike in a matter of minutes. Universal fit. Genuine Buffalo Leather construction. The 7 piece set includes: Saddlebags tie together and store your things for quick and easy access; Sissy Bar Bag, Backpack, Windshield Bag, Barrel Bag, and Tool Bag.

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  • Cool Stool™ by MAXAM Bamboo Toilet Stool (4165910888)
    Squatting to go potty is easier and is how humans are designed to poop. The Cool Stool by Maxam is designed to raise your knees and put you in a squatting position while you sit on the toilet. Give Cool Stool a try and see for yourself how much easier pooping will be. If you already have a plastic toilet stool, upgrade to a Cool Stool. It is a high quality piece of furniture made from genuine sustainable bamboo with a water resistant finish . 7.5 inches tall. The curved cutout and the 16.5 X 8.5 inch size allows you to store under or beside your toilet.

    100% Renewable Bamboo
    Quality Furniture Grade Construction
    Classic Mid-Century Modern Styling
    Compact And Easy to Store
    Non-Skid Feet

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  • 9-Ply Waterless Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel Cookware Set by Chef's Secret® (2440999195)
    Chef's Secret® 12pc 9-Ply Waterless Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel Cookware Set

    Features thermo control top knobs and phenolic/stainless steel combination handles. Includes 1.7qt saucepan with cover, 3.3qt casserole with cover, 6.4qt casserole with cover, 9-1/2' frypan with cover, 9-1/2' universal steamer, 7-7/8' mixing bowl with cover, suction knob, and phenolic trivet. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.

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    Diamond Plate(TM) Solid Genuine Leather Motorcycle Lever Covers (24409023903)
    The safety of a good grip, even in the most of humid of driving conditions, is yours with the Diamond Plate(TM) Solid Genuine Leather Motorcycle Lever Covers. Sold in pairs, these black leather covers are a sleek way to keep your bike looking and running great, staying safe wherever the road may take you. Fringe accents, metal eyelets, and laces for an adjustable fit.

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    CHEF'S SECRET STAINLESS STEEL ODOR BAR - Use just like a bar of soap under running water to remove odors from hands such as onion, fish, etc.. 304 Stainless Steel. Gift Boxed 

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    HealthSmart 16' (total length) 8' Charcoal colored Granite Rolling Pin with white Marble Handles. (841659105858)
    Professional pastry chefs know that using a granite working surface can make all the difference when preparing food. When you use the HealthSmart(TM) Granite Rolling Pin in your home kitchen, you'll see instant results in your cookie and pie crust dough. Measures 16" overall, with an 8" charcoal colored granite body and white marble handles. A welcome gift for the bride or mom! Gift box.

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    18/8 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle 34oz (1L) By: Chef's Secret(R) (INKTTKCJ)
    Features controlled pour spout, mirror finish, opening lever, cover with knob, riveted handle, and 18/0 induction base. Measures 10' x 5-1/2' x 5-1/2'. Limited lifetime warranty. White box.

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  • Wyndham House(TM) 13.5oz (400 ml) Porcelain Tea Steeping Mug (841659104837)
    The Wyndham House(TM) 13.5oz (400 ml) Porcelain Tea Steeping Mug is a complete package for the tea drinker - just add a teabag! Crafted from all-white porcelain with a white porcelain lid that can also be used as a coaster. Tea mug holds a generous 13.5 ounces. Stainless steel tea strainer/infuser included. Great gift idea for the tea drinker in your life! Gift box.

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  • Machete and Boot Knife Combo with Sheaths, 18 Inch (8177790216)
    • 18 INCH MACHETE BLADE: The Mossberg machete combo kit features a full-size, 18 inch black steel blade made from durable steel construction. and a hand guard with a non-slip durable handle - long enough to take care of tough challenges.
    • MULTIPURPOSE BUSH AND FARM: This is a broad blade used either as an implement like an axe for chopping brush or as as blade for personal protection. Perfect for use in deep forest, jungle, farm, or any other tough excursion you might find yourself on.
    • ADDITIONAL BOOT KNIFE: Also features a boot knife for that extra layer of protection and utility in extreme conditions or if the machete is out of reach. Features its own sheath.
    • FULL PORTABILITY: Each knife comes with its own sheath so it can be held on the body for ease-of-use and portability in the bush or deep forest. Makes traveling and storing the blades easy and safe.
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  • CTCBTT14
    Chef Secret® Bamboo Two-Tone Cutting Board (24409493584)
    Features hanging/carrying handle, tri-ply, cross-laminate construction, and hand crafted design from bamboo sheath. Bamboo is the sustainable 'green' durable wood product. Measures 13-3/4' x 9-3/4' x 3/4'.

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  • Faux Dictionary Safe, For Locking up Valuables and Hiding Them In Plain Sight (2440949676)
    Storing petty cash, jewelry, loose change or any other small sized valuables is both fun and easy with the Faux Dictionary Safe. This unique lockbox looks like a small dictionary just sitting on your bookshelf or desk. The blue cover and spine feature the title 'The New English Dictionary'. Outwit petty thieves, the last place you'd expect a thief to look would be in a book of knowledge. While the outside resembles a dictionary, the inside contains a locking metal compartment which is perfect for securing the things you wish to keep from prying eyes and sticky fingers. This dictionary safe includes a set of two keys, so you'll always have a spare or be able to share a key with someone you trust. This safe is a great way to hide items in plain sight. It also makes for a great gift idea. Decorative and unique storage boxes are things people love, and having something as unique as a dictionary safe with a key locking mechanism will be a hit. This lockbox is sized perfectly to blend in with other books. The exterior of the Faux Dictionary Safe measures 6 1/2 -inch x 9 1/2-inch x 2 1/4-inch. The locking metal interior measures 5 1/2-inch x 9-inch x 2-inch. Includes 2 keys, Blue cover.
    • FAKE DICTIONARY, REAL SAFE: It looks like an ordinary dictionary just sitting on a bookshelf or desk, but it's really a safe that contains your valuables under lock and key. The dictionary safe looks like a real book, to hide things in plain sight.
    • FOOL THE FOOLS: Thieves aren't necessarily the smartest people around. The last place you'd expect a thief to look for your loot would be in a dictionary. Hide your jewelry and other valuables in this book to keep them protected.
    • LOOKS GREAT ANYWHERE: This fake dictionary lockbox looks right at home on any bookshelf or desk. Place it on a nightstand next to your bed for easy access, or on a dresser which is handy while emptying your pockets for the evening.
    • GREAT SIZE: The Faux Dictionary Safe is sized just right for your smaller valuables. The exterior measures 6 1/4 -inch x 9 1/2-inch x 2 1/4-inch. The locking metal interior measures 5 1/2-inch x 9-inch x 2-inch., and it comes with a set of two keys.
    • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This dictionary safe makes a wonderful gift. it's a fun, decorative box which in itself is a popular gift, but the added value of being a locking safe is an off the charts gift. Perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.
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    X-PAC(TM) 64oz Growler JX Camo (INKTXGROWLJX1)
    Transport your favorite drink during your commute or keep a drink at your desk in the X-PAC(TM) 64oz Growler. Single wall construction features a JX Camo exterior and satin finish interior. Black stainless steel lid. Holds a whopping 64 ounces (8 cups). XPAC(TM) Logo embossed on bottom.

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    Diamond Plate(TM) 4pc Heavy-Duty Waterproof PVC Black Motorcycle Luggage Set (24409941146)
    Incredible design style and durable construction pair to create an impressive, waterproof motorcycle luggage set. The Diamond Plate(TM) 4 Piece Heavy-Duty Waterproof Studded PVC Motorcycle Luggage Set will have you ready to saddle up and ride! Accent studs shine in complement to the black of the luggage bags. This affordable motorcycle luggage solution features convenient top flap openings for immediate access to your belongings. Designed for maximum storage and usability, with the ultimate in waterproof safeguards. Each bag is accented with buckled straps for maximum protection and security of luggage contents. Luggage set contains 2 Studded 18' x 10-3/8' x 7-1/2' Saddlebags w/fender pads, a Studded 12' x 4-7/8' Tool Bag, and a Studded 8' x 10-3/4' x 5' Sissy Bar Bag with Reflective Strip. Constructed of Heavy-Duty Waterproof PVC.

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  • 44oz Double Vacuum Wall Tumbler With Lid (8177790231)
    Big and beautiful double wall insulated tumbler to keep your favorite beverages hot or cold on the go. Take it with you to work or on a road trip when you don't want to stop and refill often. This extra large container is going to hold almost 6 cups of coffee, soda, soup or maybe some refreshing lemonade in the summer. So easy to clean with the convenience of long-lasting stainless steel. Just pop it into the dishwasher and you're ready to go again!

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  • Maxam Sailor's Tool, a Powerful Traditional Lever Lock Knife and Marlin Spike, Ideal for Boating, Fishing, or Sailing (2440951784)
    • A DYNAMIC NAUTICAL KNIFE: The Maxam Sailor's Tool is a powerfully-effective lever lock knive that includes a 3 inch marlin spike and 2.75 inch stainless steel flat edge knife.
    • THE PERFECT ECONOMY SAILING KNIFE: Featuring a honed blade, marlinspike, our functional sailor's knife measures 7 inches long when opened and 4 inches closed.
    • A PRACTICAL RIGGING KNIFE: With a durably robust marlinspike running along the spine and a lanyard ring for secure storage, our affordable sailor's tool can easily be utilized to pick lines as well as loosen all kinds of difficult-to-untie knots.
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