Shipping & Availability

Availability and shipping policy


At your option, your order will come to you in one of two ways:

  • BEST OPTION: You may have us deliver the items you order to a Prize Points redemption center.  There is no fee for shipping or handling when your order is delivered to a redemption center.  Once your order is shipped to a redemption center, we will attempt to notify you, at the e-mail address on record.  The items you order will automatically be shipped to the redemption center which is nearest to the location where you accumulated the most points, unless otherwise requested by you.  All participating grocery stores are redemption centers, other high volume participating stores may also be redemption centers.  Please check the "Participating Merchant Directory" for the redemption center nearest you.
  • CONVENIENT OPTION: Your order may be shipped to the address which you recorded on your card registration form.  Should you request that your order be shipped to an address other than that of a redemption center, (active in the Prize Points program at the time of the order,) you will be required to pay shipping and handling for your order.  Once your order is received by Prize Points you will be notified regarding the amount needed for shipping and handling and how to make that payment.  Please use the remarks section of the ordering page for the request and a representative will contact you to make arrangements.  Please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date.

Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.



If an item is ordered which is not available through our standard supplier of that item at the time the order is being filled, Prize Points reserves the right to exercise one of the following two options:
  • Option one: replace the item with a similar item.
  • Option two: return the total points deducted from the cardholders' account for the unavailable item.